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Re: Mirror Attachment Advice Sought

Paul Kuettel <kuettels@iname.com> wrote:

>The rear view mirror of my '88 5KTQ fell off.  In my Merkur experience, it is
>critical to use a special imported double-stick pad to attach.  Just gluing it
>on directly will eventually crack the windshield as it creates a stress point.


>Can anyone clear this up for me?  I want to do the job correctly.  Is direct
>gluing OK? If I am right about the pad, where can I get one?

When the windscreen in my old 88 80 was replaced, the guy who replaced it
had a number of these pads. Aren't there any dedicated windscreen replacers
in your area? They'd probably sell you the correct part for very little


Zeist, The Netherlands
87 90q NG engine