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Re: Restarting Unused 5I Engine

I seem to recall being told two-cycle oil would be even better for
-=Bob=-'s procedure because it would help unstick the rings.

Kneale Brownson

At 09:56 AM 9/26/99 -0400, -=Bob=- wrote:
>The Murphy-Fahlgren Family wrote:
>> Bob Gregory wrote:
>> > What should I do in preparation before restarting it?
>> > I'm sure all the metal surfaces have terminal oil
>> > starvation.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.
>I would pull the plugs and squirt a good amount of oil into each
>cylinder, then pour a quart into the head. At that point you are able to
>turn the motor over by hand (not with starter). Change the oil, put the
>plugs back in then crank it over...