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Re: Carbs? (was'85 Coupe GT engine swap)

>  Has anyone ever set up the NA I5 to run on carbs?

Eurospec used to offer a Holley conversion kit but that was for a carb, not 
carbs ... and of course, Audi used to sell cars with carburated I-5 motors in 
some markets around the world.
>  I'm thinking of something like triple Webers or such (Or course, one throat
>  would be unused on the I5...)

I seem to recall some drag racers doing this because the NHRA used to lump 
5-cylinder engines in with the 4-cylinder motors instead of 6-cylinder motors 
... this has since changed, of course.

>  If nothing else, The Webers intake noise at full throttle *always* sound
>  neater then fuel injection..

I know I certainly loved the intake moan that triple Weber DCOEs made on my 
BMWs...  :^)