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Re: Side Marker Installation 4kq

Jeff Goldberg writes:
> .  12 volts on both wires, so no current flow through the light. 
> --------------------------------------------------------------
> Sounds like a fuse blower to me. How can this work?

As hokey as it sounds, It should work just fine.  It won't blow any
fuses if the wiring is hooked up correctly, because there is no short
circuit from 12V to ground.

Here is an ASCII art schematic diagram of the idea.  You need a
fixed (non-proportional spacing) font to view this correctly.

     headlight switch
       side marker
 12V -----+/ +-------+
                     X side marker bulb
     flasher relay   |
 12V -----+/ +-------+
		     X turn signal bulb
 GND ----------------+

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