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RE: WTB 90q V6

Craig, et. all,

I have one in the Seattle area that I'm thinking about selling.

Winter is right around the corner and it's Quattro time.

'95 90Q Sport (No spoiler but one can be had for $300 I hear)
55,000 Miles. Under Audi Extended Warranty (transferable) until December
Winter Package (heated seats, mirrors, front lens washers, ski bag)
Power seat on driver's side
Silver on silver leather
No moonroof but sliding sunroof
New ATE PowerDisk in front with metalmaster pads. New rotors and metalmaster
pads in back too.
RockGuard on all front lenses
EroSpec front headlight lenses
New tyres all around w/i last 1000 miles.
All fluids changed w/i last 500 miles.
Sony ES Reference CD Player.
Sony ES 10-disk Changer
Sony ES 4 channel amp
(original Gamma radio avail. for $500 off)
Car recently detailed.
Small rock chip in windshield (repairable)
Dash thermo and diff indicator out (will have fixed under warranty in the
next few weeks)

The car is solid and wonderful to drive.

I'm selling it in hopes to get a 200 20vT....Anyone selling on the west

Low Blue Book is $14,600 High book is $19800 something. I'd like to get
$18,500 for it.


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> Subject: WTB 90q V6
> Hello all.  I am looking to buy my next Quattro.  I've had my
> 4kcsq for over
> 2 years, and it's time for me to get current.  I drove a 95 90q V6 and I
> loved it.  So that's what I have my sights set on.  Does anyone
> have one for
> sale?  Has anyone seen any in the New England area?  It has to
> have a 5 speed
> and a moonroof :)  Thanks in advance!!!
> Craig K. Porter
> 86 4kcsq-- Eibachs, cat-back Borla, Bilsteins,   POSSIBLY FOR SALE
> 70 914- 5 lug conv, 911 brakes