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Re: '85 URQ Power Estimate...

   > Just wondering if anybody knows the horsepower for a '85 URQ with a super
   > chip, no catalytic converter and only the center muffler?  And its approx
   > 0-60 time.  Just want to compare it with the one I'm picking up.

   Chips do nothing for performance but toleration on the WR engine.  The

Not quite true...

   ECU has no control over either boost or fuel - it only controls timing
   and thus has to tolerate whatever has been done mechanically to the

At least in _my_ mods (can't speak for what abt, IA, Tap, etc. do), I
modify the timing to match the boost, and bump what little extra fuel
is available via ECU control on WOT/high boost.

But yes, both boost and primary fuel delivery are mechanically
controlled, and on early ECUs (MAC-02) even the timing is static (in
the sense there is no knock-detection/ timing-retard capability).