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Re: LT1 is an LT1

On Sat, 25 Sep 1999 QSHIPQ@aol.com wrote:
> The biggest differrence is the 4bolt main and a relocation of the spark 
> plugs, however, Bob and I only call it the LT1 (properly I might add), it's 
> others that call it a vette motor.  Engine output is rated as the same, just 

The Corvette one got 15-25hp more (because of freer-exhaust and intake),
but you're right, they're basically the same except for the 4-bolt mains.

Here's an excerpt from the FAQ from my old f-body mailist list at
http://www.f-body.org/oldfaq/html/faq/index.html :

Q: What's the difference between the F-body LT1 and that in the Corvette?

A: The engines are exactly the same with the exception of the air intake
and the exhaust. Also the Corvettes have two knock sensors and 4-bolt
mains compared to 1 knock sensor and 2-bolt mains on the F-Bodies,
repsectively. The Corvette has a larger/wider air intake box plus a dual
muffler/exhaust which accounts for the additional 25hp. The F-Bodies are
also supposed to have a redesigned oil pan as the Vette one doesn't fit
with the F-body crossmember.

> The car might not be reliable, but the engine and it's electronics sure are, 
> 30years of development takes nothing from chevy engineering (and Bob and I 

You do realize that the LT1 is very largely different from Chevy
small-blocks from 6X-92?  It has reverse-cooled heads, among other
things, so you can't bolt on heads for any other smallblock but the LT1.
This they abandoned with the LS1, which is even more different from the
other smallblocks.  

Are you using the LT1 stock distributor?  It's called the Optispark, and
be very careful washing the engine or you can kill it very easily (very
many BTDTs on that list).  It's some kind of optical distributor which
also is very different.

Which accessories (ie alternator, etc.) did you use?  Corvette or f-body?
Or Audi??

How did you mate the 016 to the LT1?

> found the hard way the electronics bolt on the 4300 v8 too:)  The painless 
> wiring harness from Summit with 4wire hookup, made the electronics part the 
> easiest in the swap (the rest unique plug and play).  Chris, looking at the 
> above, the 016 type 44 quattro application sure addresses most of your 
> complaints :).  I personally enjoy the .5 second twist of the key on startup. 

Yeah, it would be nice.  Could you repost your website address?  I'd like
to show it to the guys on the other list.

> 3.89 gearing sure adds some free effective HP and torque to the equation.  
> After having just taken a totally tweeked (hoppen stage III) to a private 
> track for testing, all I can say is "torque" rules.  What the RS2 turbo 
> pushes at 5000rpm, the LT has at less than  half that.

Plus you could add a supercharger to the LT1 and you'd be set. ;)  

I think personally I'd rather have a tweaked 300hp 20-valve because of its
sophistication.  But nobody on the other list was ever happy with 'only'
300hp so I'd probably have to go LT1 to get a lot more.

Have you run it in the 1/4 yet?

> BTW, the LT1Q (*f-body*) will be at Road America this year.  Come on out 
> Chris, you won't view any LT1 the same after a ride.....

Where's that?  I'd love to.