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fuel pump and power steering pump

Just a few questions for those with cars similar to my 82 coupe, I
noticed my power steering pump isn't making the best of noises, sort of
a constant grinding coming from what sounds like the pulley area. I'm
not sure if it is internal or just the pulley bearing,  either way I bet
it could use eventual replacement. Is this an expensive part to replace
new and or rebuilt? And is it a do-it-yourself operation? I am capable
of most things that do not require heavy equipment or removing the

I also would like to know if the fuel pump (if it's the fuel pump)
always makes a buzzing noise, and if this is normal. I have heard them
before, but this seems a little louder than usual, I believe my friends
84 5ks had a noticeable noise, but was subdued a bit.

Is this normal? Or should I replace it? And is this cheap?

-/geordie clarke-\