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skeptical about ECU diagnostic!

I posted a while ago about hot starting and poor idle situation with my
86 5KTQ.  Also, I max out at 1.2 bar of boost, which apparently is not
enough.  Got lots of suggestions and am running them down, thanks
everyone for your advice.  I haven't checked the injectors or fuel pump
yet because I ordered new ones and they aren't here yet. (I'm worried
about not being able to put an old one back in so I want to make sure
the new ones are here first)

Anyway, I went for a drive and really exercised her.  I actually got a
1.3 bar on the turbo gauge.  After this drive I put it into diagnostic
mode (fuse in the fuel pump relay) and I got the 4444 (no faults).  This
actually disappointed me because I was hoping to find an answer to my
hot starting and poor idle problems.   HOWEVER, on closer examination I
notice that the valve cover breather hose was SPLIT WIDE OPEN creating a
huge vacuum leak.  I replaced the broken section of hose and with great
excitement and expectation  fired her up.....  Alas, it actually runs
worse than before!!  If I let off the gas the engine dies.  Oh, well,
next item on the list....


Stephane Livolsi
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'86 5KTQ stock (if you don't know what it means, you aren't in the club)