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RE: FW: Head work - Porting, Polishing etc. & Bench Flow Tests,

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From:          "Michael Pederson" <mlped@concentric.net>
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Subject:       RE: FW: Head work - Porting, Polishing etc. & Bench Flow Tests, 
Date:          Sun, 26 Sep 1999 20:59:43 -0600

 MLP wrote:
BTW, who did you use in the Springs?  I've heard the name "SuperFlow" I
think mentioned / recommended as one of  the places to go for head work.
Do you know if your shop has had experience on Audi's 20 valve heads?

  Can't remember if I cc'd the list so I'll rewrite this. 
 After the machine shop screwed up the first head that I sent them,
(Rod's machine shop in Colorado Springs) I started asking around and
found out that Ben Howell has experience with P&P heads. Not only was
he very efficient in returning the head in a timely manner but it came
back beautifully polished. All internal castings that were somewhat
jagged from the factory were nice and smooth with a nice polish to
them. The exhaust ports on the head were matched to the enlarged 
Dialynx exhaust manifold ports and the intake ports were also enlarged
as was the intake manifold itself. I'd say that the work was done very
professionally. Hope this helps,

Chad Clark '87 5k Tq-possibly for sale soon;-(
Colorado Springs, CO