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Re: Does John Rettie still own his '83 Ur-Q?

I thought I saw somewhere a few years ago that he had sold it.

John Corbs
Traverse City, MI
'83 & '85 Ur-qs (for my sins)
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Subject: Does John Rettie still own his '83 Ur-Q?

> While reorganizing my bookshelves last night, I ended up flipping through
> some car magazines that I've saved over the years (and which Paula keeps
> bugging me to throw away...).
> Does anybody know if John Rettie still owns the '83 Ur-Q he wrote about in
> the December, 1993 issue of European Car?  In the article, he wrote about
> having decided to "preserve" his car in stock form (or very close to it)
> instead of modifying it like most Ur-Q owners because he was concerned
> maintaining its potential collector's car down the road.  Out of
> I'd like to know if 1) he still owns the car and 2) feels the same way
> it today...
> JG