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RE: Changing tranny /diff fluid in 4kq

Having just done this 1k miles ago, it's still pretty fresh in my mind.  
You'll need a 17 mm Allen wrench or Allen socket (hard to find, got the 
wrench @ Sears for $9.)  I would recommend Redline fluids (www.redlineoil.com 
to locate dealer near you,) use GL-4 MT-90 for the tranny and center diff (3 
quarts) and GL-5 75W90 for the rear diff (1 quart.)  When you start the front 
and rear operations, make sure you remove the fill plugs first to allow 
proper draining.  Fill plug is halfway up transmission on drivers side of 
trans, trans drain plug is almost below it on same side, diff drain is on the 
bottom.  Drain, reinstall drain plugs, and add two quarts of fluid, lower car 
to just above ground.  Move shifter around to knock out air pockets.  I used 
a funnel and 18" rubber hose to refill, holding funnel just above the left 
engine mount.  Should take 16 to 24oz more fluid before running out fill 
hole.  Reinstall fill plug move to back, repeat for rear diff (fill plug on 
passenger side, halfway up diff, drain on bottom, should take 0.8 quart.)  I 
found shifting to be like butter after the Redline treatment, which was 
recommended by the list a while back.  Email me if I can help further.

Gil Bourcier
Columbia, MD USA
87 4kcsq- 84k