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Re: List growing pains

Give it time...

DeWitt Harrison wrote:

>  Besides, I haven't received my very own
> personalized insult yet.

Whilst some may not like it, in this case several longtime listmembers have had
business difficulties with said individual. Having done business with most, if not
all of them I can definitely say I know where the right and wrongs lay.
Does it rise (sink?) to the level of list traffic? Hard to say - our reputations
on this list depend on our dealings with others here. I never hesitate to tell
someone to 'ask about me on the list' when it comes to references. I also listen
carefully to others problems when it comes to deals.
I've been ripped off once on this list, for 25.00. Not a lot, in comparison to
what it has saved me. I've also shipped stuff without payment, paid for shipping
with no expectation of return, given (valuable) stuff away free or nearly so. To
me, this is a hobby. To some - its a living, and I value their contributions too.
There are also some rare individuals who see this as a hobby they can make a
little money at. Jeez - with the cost of Audi parts, whats wrong with that?
When its a rip - or the parts/services can't be had with any time certainty, no
money promised is returned, promised warrentees/guarantees aren't honored, etc,

I can also say that for the right person the car listed would be a heck of a lot
of fun. It is wicked fast and in excellent condition albeit 'shot peened'. The
stereo is outstanding, the suspension is well sorted and the engine mods right up
there with the best.

It must also be said this would be one of those defining 'buyer beware' cars.