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4KQ sidemarkers

>From post dated 3/15/99, replying to David Thoreson:


I installed side markers on my 4KQ. You need a 15/16 metal hole
saw (or thereabouts, check your directions). You can get them at a
good hardware store. I mounted mine to look like a '91 200Q, i.e.,
same relationship with the wheel opening and Audi emblem on the
fender trim. I wired mine to be always on (when the lights are on),
as well as blink. Need to reduce to 3W bulb from 5W for this or the
light will melt. I used a trailer wiring kit ($10 at local auto store)
make the lights do both the running and blinking functions. This does
cause the side marker to blink out of phase with the turn signals when
the lights are on however. With lights off, it blinks in phase. Pretty
easy install really. Toughest part was removing the inside fender well.


Craig Lebakken 1986 4KQ"

Additional observations (having had these lights for a while now) is
that these lights seem to be a nice safety improvement, since, with the
H4/H1 conversion, my 4KQ was invisible from the side at night. Trucks on
the freeway can also see my car better when looking down at my car from
the side at night. While some might think these lights a bit "ricey",
the correct light (styled same as factory 200Q), with the clear lens is
not too attention grabbing when it is off, nicely functional when on,
and looks factory.

Also, to expand upon the wiring, I tapped into the front bumper
turnsignal wires to get the fender signal.  A single ignition hot wire
is all that is needed to get both lights in the running mode. I believe
there is a diode set in the trailer module that allows for a running and
a blinking function with the single filament bulb. One or two of the
wires to this module were left unused. This method was infinitely more
practical than some of the relayed wiring schemes we were dreaming up.
The works is tie wrapped to one of the posts on the front core panel
where it is not seen. The lights were purchased from New Dimensions.

If doing this in an area where there is alot of salt, be sure to seal
the fender hole with some rust preventative compound.

HTH and congrats on the 85 UrQ. What a deal!