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Re: 5k blower motor removal questions...

>  I suppose that it is possible for someone to use something permanent when 
replacing the gasket, but I find that
>  foam weatherstripping with adhesive on 1 side is what works ... I'd think 
that if they used something more
>  aggressive they'd have a problem getting the box back in ...

I got the box out this morning -- Yes, I'd already removed all the screws -- 
and found out why it was so resistant to my previous attempts at removal.  
Apparently, the mechanic who did the work used some epoxy putty in places 
where he had torn the gasket during removal ... needless to say, it sealed 
the gaps quite nicely indeed.  Unfortunately, it took a BFH applied liberally 
to the housing to remove it but the heater core was salvaged ... however, 
given the work involved, I'm now thinking that it may not be so wise to 
re-use it in my 200q even if it does have less than 10k on it.

Anyway, score yet another one for the monkey-lads ... you don't suppose 
*surgeons* ever take shortcuts, do you?