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Re: List growing pains

Funny David should write this and I receive it just after perusing the Blau web

They offer a replacement shift boot for 5k series cars, $35 for vinyl, $60 for
leather. Sorry but that amounts to about $25 profit on the vinyl and $45 profit on the
leather. I already made a leather replacement for my 90S from black scraps of leather
in my father's canvas shop. For the small amount of leather needed and the minimal
time needed to sew the boot together, there is no reason to pay $60 for a leather
shift boot. I used to have the cardboard patterns I made when I did mine, if I can
still find them, I could photocopy and fax to anyone who would care for them. You
could use leather and any sewing machine that can handle denim material. The most you
need to be able to sew through is three layers.

David Head wrote:

>  To some - its a living, and I value their contributions too.
> There are also some rare individuals who see this as a hobby they can make a
> little money at. Jeez - with the cost of Audi parts, whats wrong with that?
> When its a rip - or the parts/services can't be had with any time certainty, no
> money promised is returned, promised warrentees/guarantees aren't honored, etc,
> etc...

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