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Re: 4ikq Fuel delivery problem

In a message dated 9/27/99 2:54:15 PM Eastern Daylight Time, OorQue writes:

> > Take an object such as long screwdriver, wrench, ratchet, pipe piece of
>  > wood, etc. and give the gas tank a couple of sharp taps.
>  I've never heard of rapping on the tank but I've had some success with 
> rapping on the *pump* itself...
You're absolutely right.  While this _Might_ work on a 5k,1k,2k... with pump 
monted in the fuel tank, it won't work on the 4kq, because the pump is 
located outside of the fuel cell in front of the left rear wheel.  BTW, I 
can't imagine this method working on the other cars either, because the fuel 
pump is isolated by means of a plastic cage, isolating it from undo