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Re: Windows too? [Was RE: Scratch removal]

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From: DeWitt Harrison <de@aztek-eng.com>
> Can mild scratches be removed from windshields too? Or are there glass
> shops which can spruce up the window glass somewhat?  I have some
> "haze" on my windshield under the sweep of the wipers, presumably
> from having grit rubbed across the glass by wiper action.

Yes they can. I bought a kit a few weeks ago, contains a couple of lapping
rings that fit in an electric drill and a couple of tubes of paste, corse &
fine. I bought it to remove some diamond scratches from the inside of a
friends windscree - I have told her to clear of the mist with a cloth in
future, not the back of her hand. I'm going to try using it to remove some
angle-grinder spark damage from a side window (Hey, at GBP10 I wasn't going
to turn it down) although I'm not too sure said that it will work.

Jim Haseltine