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Re: Does Audi paint die?

I doubt if it does, mine still has the paint in good condition
except for the front of the hood where there are a few spots
at the edge. The $4K job is way above what I'd expect, the
best quote I ever heard of, I believe BMW's paint is kind of
along the same lines at the Audi was $1800 for a friend's
 93' 325.

Mike Theuri
'88 80Q 163K

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From: Alexander van Gerbig <Audi_80@email.msn.com>

    After almost 12 years the paint is looking not happy, shiny, but
scratched on the 80.  I have figured out what all the scratching was from,
original owner had a tree over the car in the lot he parked at.  He used a
brush to wipe off pollen and plant matter everday that the car needed it.  I
had forgotten that when I got the car the bursh was in the trunk, not a very
kind brush.  When I got the car he had abviously had it washed and waxed
    They are everywhere, even the roof is lined with straight scratches
going back and forth.  After all the times I washed and waxed it has taken
some 2 years for them to be really visible.  These scracthes aren't from my
washing becasue they aren't in swirl patterns, nor my waxing.  I can't think
of any other reason there would be straight scratches all over the top of
the car, the trunk is destroyed, that I always knew.  The hood and fenders
do not have scratches, because the car had an accident 6 years ago and the
front end was replaced.  What else could be an explanation for scratches
like this all over the car?  The scratches kind of look like cracking
though, does Audi paint do this?
    Local autobody man said $4500 for full paint!  EEK!


Alexander van Gerbig
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