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RE: Does an Avant say Avant on it?

> We all know that an Avant is a wagon but if someone 
> unfamiliar with Audi
> was working on an A4 Avant (we know it happens) and was looking up
> information in something like a parts or service catalog. If 
> they had  a
> choice of A4 or A4 Avant would they know which to chose. Do 
> you think they
> would look first at the A4 information since the car does not 
> say Avant on
> the back? 

I can't speak for the A4, but I do know that my quest for an "Avant" badge
for my type 44 went unfulfilled.  I can also say that the Audi service
documentation for the Type 44 may say Avant on the small text, but the main
title states "Wagon" ...

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)