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RE: Water injection

Well, one guess is that when the ambient air temp finally falls that low you
don't need the octane boost the water injection provides.  The car's
intercooler should be able to handle the intake charge air temperature just
fine.  Turn the water injection off.

Michael Pederson
Two 93 S4's -

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Yes, you can add methanol to prevent freezing. At some point, however, the
"water" becomes a fuel and loses the effect. I forget now what that point
is, but it wasn't enough to handle Canadian winter temperatures.


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> On Sun, 26 Sep 1999 08:27:36 -0400, Fred Munro wrote:
> >I
> >didn't drive the car in the winter (biodegradable body and all), so
> >was not a problem.
> Surely you could have put alcohol or something in the water if you had?