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Re: 4ikq Fuel delivery problem

>> I've never heard of rapping on the tank but I've had some success with 
>> rapping on the *pump* itself...

>For years, I've joked that when British Phlegmsucking Leyland started
>laying people off in the late Seventies, a bunch of electrical engineers
>got together, took a crash course in German, and moved to Ingolstadt en
>This proves it.  

I'm not so sure that my case of {fiddling with the underdash relays to find
the low-cooling-fan one, and it suddenly now working} fits this,
but yesterday, I noticed the trunk light flickering as I'm lowering the lid.
Thoughts, as I try it up and down a few times:
"The mercury switch is going..."
"No, this isn't the Caprice, I remember seeing the pushpin-switch..."
"I guess it's the bending breaking the wires, as per list..."
"But wait, the light isn't mounted on the lid at all...?"
And then it sank in that they put this switch (which switches this light
which is mounted to the body of the car) on the edge of the moving
trunk lid, so it would push against the body, rather than the easy, 
obvious, other way around. 

q.e.d., I guess.