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Re: Does Audi paint die?

In a message dated 9/27/99 5:01:48 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 
Audi_80@email.msn.com writes:

<<   They are everywhere, even the roof is lined with straight scratches
 going back and forth.  After all the times I washed and waxed it has taken
 some 2 years for them to be really visible.  These scracthes aren't from my
 washing becasue they aren't in swirl patterns, nor my waxing.  I can't think
 of any other reason there would be straight scratches all over the top of
 the car, the trunk is destroyed, that I always knew.  >>

your clearcoat is shot.  it really shows up on silver cars, more than the 
others.  those "scratches" are actually hairline cracks in the clear.  audi 
had some LOUSY clearcoat in the middle to late '80's..  my '84 5kT was 
sapphire blue metallic, and while the clear wasnt cracked, it was dulling 
really bad.  also alot of the graphite black metallic cars have the clearcoat 
that is peeling off the horizontal surfaces. 
best bet - get a non metallic painted car.
toronado red, black, alpine white, and other non metallics are best, because 
neither VW nor Audi or Porsche clearcoats the non metallics.  non metallic 
paintjobs last forever.  when they get oxidized, just buff them out, and give 
them a good coat of wax.  you can wax and buff till your arms fall off, on a 
car with metallic paint, and you wont accomplish anything if the clearcoat is