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Re: warning lights

>The warning I am getting is the RED triangle with the exclamation mark
>in the middle.  It is almost always on.  It seems the only time it comes
>off is after driving several (20-30 miles) at highway speed without
>slowing down OR when I am having a bit of fun and really get the revs
>up, over and over and over, such as when playing on a windy road.  Any
>more ideas.....?

The red triangle is for:

1) low brake fluid, as sensed by the float in the brake fluid reservoir.
2) low hydraulic fluid, as sensed by the float in the pentosin reservoir.
3) low hydraulic pressure, as sensed by the pressure switch in the hydraulic
brake booster, which is between the firewall and the brake master cylinder.

The fluid level may be OK, but the float sensor may be defective.  For all
we know they start to work when the fluid gets warm enough.  Not likely, but
we can't rule that out.

I would have to go out and check my car, but I believe the brake warning
will activate when the circuit on any of these sensor wires is closed.
Thus, you can disconnect each of them in turn to figure out which, if any,
it is.

Or better yet, disconnect all three and see if the light stays off, then
connect one at a time.  That would test for the warning being one of the
three, in case there is an additional circuit I am not aware of, and also
confirm an open circuit means no warning.  So, with all three sensors
disconnected, there should be no warning, even when you drive the car.
Connect one at a time and drive the car.  One of the three should cause the
warning to come on.

Once we know which sensor is triggering the warning, we can go further.


Bernard Littau
Woodinville, WA
'88 5kcstq