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typ44 lower door 4 ring decals - made them! fit all 5k, 100, 200

a local decal shop made up some 4 ring audi logo decals for the typ44. they 
fit all 5k, 100, 200 models.  i have a set on the front lower doors of my '86 
5kT. i will get a pic, soon. 
they are similar to the OEM decals on the UrQ, but smaller to fit the typ 44 
they start out solid at the first ring, then fade out with a shaded dot 
pattern just like the UrQ lower door decal.  He can make them any color you 
want.  $35 a pair.
get in touch with him at:
Precision Decal Co. 
610-432-4911 (PA)
Allentown, Pa
ask for Jerry..