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Re: The "OFF" current consumption is 55 ma. Excessive or not?

Dave Conner wrote:
> Hi Igor,
> 9.5 volts sounds like a dead cell.
> Do you know how to check the individual cells with a hygrometer?
> Assuming the battery isn't sealed...
> Pop the caps and measure specific gravity of each cell with the hygrometer
> and it will tell the tale.
> But 9.5 V sounds almost like two dead cells...hmmmmm.

Bingo, you're right! I measured the specific gravity of all 6, two cells
were dead!
Huw and Frank Santoro also advised me of same. Thanks, guys!

Stefan Richter was kind enough to stop by my house on Sunday and we
measured the current on his '96 S6 (of course with some help of Mackeson
Triple Stout and Broyhan). Turned out to be 25ma, _exactly_ what I have
been expecting from a perfect electrical sys and which corresponded with
that of tens of other cars in which I measured the "OFF" current
consumption. Folks, please note this value as the base line for our

> BTW...
> The cool gage you made for oxy sensor/duty cycle.....it is non-functional.
> I think I shorted out the wires in the cable and zapped something.
> Would there be an easy fix I could do myself?
> I see there is a removeable little thing on the circuit board.
> Is this a fuse (I hope)?

Yes, it's a tiny ceramic fuse. DigiKey sells them. I pulled the only
fuse that I have left out of my own device and will be sending it your
way tomorrow. I will be ordering some chips from DigiKey shortly so I'll
order a few of those for you as well.

Igor Kessel
Two turbo quattros.