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Re: speaking of warranties


Hah, I liked your inspirational answer so much that I've printed a copy to
hang up somewhere. I'm not exactly young anymore, but I think it's about
time I acted less than my age.

Frank M.
Watkins Glen, NY, USA


>Date: Mon, 27 Sep 1999 20:17:22 -0400
>From: The Murphy-Fahlgren Family <efhome@master.adams.com>
>Subject: Re: speaking of warranties

>c a l i b a n wrote:
>>         anyway, any experience out there?  pearls of wisdom?

>Pearls of wisdom?  Buy used, hot rod the shit out of it and
>drive it like you stole it.  Goddang, Rocky, you're young,
>life is to live, not to waste worrying about warranties. ;)

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