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Re: Does Audi paint die?

Alexander van Gerbig writes:
>     Seems as if silver Audis have paint problems:-(  I really like the
> silver paint job on my car, although the Audi metallic green is my all time
> favorite.  I don't like flat colors too much, tornado red is nice though,
> ...

I can't help you fix your paint but the key to keeping a paint finish
looking good over the years, is to protect it from the elements as much
as you can.  Especially the sun.  Rain is not so bad, as long as you
wash off the dirt and mud soon after, and keep a good coat of wax on the

All my Audis have metallic clearcoat finishes and they all look like new.
Those who have seen my 80 4000 at MH99 will attest to its condition.
It had a few localized resprays after fixing dings and such, but the large
horizontal area where paint finish typically die first are all original.
This car doesn't just sit in the garage all the time.  I drive it to work
regularly.  The key to keeping the paint nice?  Car cover.  On sunny days
I always put a cover on after I park.  Not at all hassle... I can do it
in less than a minute.  This protects the interior too, and provide
a bit of buffer from door dings.  Granted I am also picky about where
I park...

Tree sap, bird droppings, etc., are washed off ASAP.  If you let these
sit on your paint it will eat into it.  I also treat the paintwork gently
when it comes to washing (hose spray and soft cloth only).  I cringe when
I see (and hear) people using those nasty brushes at coin-op car washes...

I use Klasse products on my paint and am very happy with it (two steps,
a cleaner/wax and a selant glaze).  These are expensive, but very long
lasting and easy to apply.

96 A4 2.8 quattro - pearlescent white
84 5000S 2.1 turbo - zermatt silver
80 4000 2.0 - diamond silver
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