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Re: Does Audi paint die?

In a message dated 9/28/99 12:36:55 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 
knotnook@traverse.com writes:

<< big cost was blending the paint, so I asked about using just a
 matte black maybe an inch or two above the chrome trim, and the most
 anyone'd take off their price for that change was $100.  Highest estimate
 was $1400.  I was about ready to accept the $600 without the "paint
 blending" when I noticed the rust around the windshield.  I now have worse
 rust there than associated with the chrome trim.  My paint is that
 non-descript color I call putty that's not quite silver and a long way from
 anything like beige, so it's not one of those special colors such as pearl
 or pearlized silver.
 Kneale Brownson (riding in rust till "my" economy turns better)

wait, and it will only get worse.
did everything you described to my '86 5kt, with the dealer supplied touch up 
spray cans.    do it yourself...   you'd be surprised....