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Re: 5KS - Won't hold alignment

"Ryan Gemmill" <rglist00@hotmail.com> writes:

>Tomorrow I'm getting my '86 5kS (with 215x60x15 Dunlops in front and 
>Yokohamas in the rear) re-aligned for the 2nd time in three months. 
>This car 
>can't ever seem to stay on track very long. And I don't think it is 

I've had similar problems with the '84 5KS.  Look at the wheels, if
someone else regularly drives the car (SO or Valet etc.) they may be
bouncing it off curbs and potholes.  Aside from that, get a BIG ole
screwdriver/prybar and inspect all the rubber suspension components along
with tie rods and ball joints.  I played a cat & mouse with this problem
for a long time, seems that being bathed in mineral oil makes components
fail sequentially, as soon as you fix one the another goes a week later.
It's in the archives, I also found that the nuts that were being supplied
with the tie rod ends were the wrong thread, causing the nut to seem
tightened, but the tie rod would still have play under load.  

I am currently on a record run with the 5KS, it's been almost six months
and it's still holding the alignment.



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