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FS: 1.8T 20v Motor (0 miles)

    I have found, through a contact in Germany, that a mate of his is
selling a spanking new 1.8T 20v motor.  The seller is inculding all needed
parts, ECU, wiring harnesses...  The special part of this is the extremely
low price for a new 1.8T 20v motor:

    4000DM  ~$2500 USD

My contact can ship at way below cost due to his contacts with an air
frieght carrier.  After all the customs and shipping fees the cost of the
engine will be way below the cost of getting a new 1.8T 20v motor in the US.
If anyone is interested please contact me directly.
    I would actually be buying this motor but I can't afford parting with
the money right now.  Also if anyone who has an 80/90 with power steering
you may be interested in a full S2 Servotronic steering setup.  Contact me
directly is interested.


Alexander van Gerbig
'88 Audi 80 -- Koni Yellows, G&M Springs
HÖR Technologies Sport Hydro Cam, K&N Filter
Borbet Type T, Dunlop SP9000 Sport

The Audi 80 Pages------------------

German Parts Importing------------

Katonah, NY 10536