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RE: [DIESEL] Diesel Emissions Checks

In California they started checking diesels in some areas to see if they
were still diesels. There were so many GM diesels that ran poorly or die
completely  (early GM V8 diesels had problems) it was common to replace the
diesel V8 with a Gas V8 and for a while your "gas" car didn't require smog
checks. Buy an un-running diesel pick up, shove a GM 454 in it and away you
went, all the power you could ever use and no smog! I don't know what they
check for now.

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		>Where I live, diesels are exempt from these inspections.
Anyone on the list have to have emissions inspections, and if so, what do
they check for and how?  

		When Washington state began doing smog inspections in the
major metro
		areas (early '80s, I think), only gas vehicles had to be
inspected. A
		few years later they began inspecting diesels also. Never
having owned
		a diesel car, I don't know what they check for.