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Bilstein Warranty Exercising

Hi All,
I've been noticing a clunking and clinking coming from the right rear of the
1990 200tqa the last few days.  I crawled under it last night, and I noticed
the top of the Bilstein shock was no longer attached to the car, and the
threaded part of the shock was gone, as if it had been snapped off.  My
mechanic has said he's seen 3 tq's do this, all on the right side.  The
clunking is the car slamming on bumps, the clinking is the shock banging
against the spring and upper perch(name?).

Question is, I've heard that Bilstein has some kind of warranty.  I don't
want money, I want a new shock.  How do I exercise my rights?  I have the
receipt from the original installer, who bought the shock and installed
them, so I don't know who he purchased them from.  My first idea is to call
RD enterprises and see if they know how.  Any other comments are

Gary Lewis 
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