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re: spiders?

OK, I can't stand it anymore!!  I recently got on the Q list and there
was a thread going on about "spider-bites" and now I see it again " not
a spider to be seen"  Up here in Canada spider's don't get big enough to
be a problem for Quattros. (haha) What are you guys referring to?

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>In message <199909272241.KAA02062@fep3-orange.clear.net.nz> "Dave Eaton"
>> "i'm sorry sir, but the pilot is having a difficulty in trimming the
>> aircraft, and has asked that you take only 3 torque wrenches"...
>Heh.  This Type 44 and I are getting along just fine.  I brought it
>back yesterday through the lanes.  For anyone with a UK map - start at
>M1 J19 and follow the route through Crick, West Haddon, Guilsborough,
>Hollowell, Creaton, Brixworth, Holcot, Hannington, Orlingbury and Isham.
>Third and fourth gears most of the way, left foot working all the time.
>Not a spider to be seen.
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