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RE: Bilstein Warranty Exercising

I said:

> B46-0130 is for the 84 - 91 Audi 100/200 (5000/t) Non Q, which is the only
> Type 44 listed as available for our cars in America.  It fits
> dimensionally... (but broke...  Hmmmmm...)
> There is no American listing for Quattro's, but there is on the German
> Site
> Peter Mentioned (Great info here)...
> German site says the Type 44 100 is:
> B46-0130 (same as USA 5000/T, fits my 200tqa...  More Hmmmm)
> German site says the Type 44 200 is:
> B46-1576 (Different shock than above, But USA Bil says use B46-0130)
> German site says the Type 44 100/200/Avant Q is:
> B46-2065 (Peter's #)
> I wonder if these shocks are dimensionally similar, yet built to different
> weight specs?  It seems I need B46-2065's...
I called Bilstein, and in a moment of honesty (stupidity??), I explained the
whole situation to them.  I figured I'd get a new shock out of them, which
probably isn't the correct shock to begin with, and I'd have to buy the
correct ones anyway.  They are thinking about it, and will get back to me.
I'll check the dimensions on the B46-0130 (usa 5000t nonq) vs. B46-2065
(200 euro Q), and also get back to you all when Bilstein gets back to me.
Thanks for all the help, and hopefully this can be a learning experience for
some of us, apparently me most especially...

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