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Stalling and antilock

I have a 91 100 with a mere 64000 miles, but I have two problems that I am 
trying to sort out.  The first is an intermittent stalling situation.  After 
a cold start, the car will run fine for one to one and a half miles but then 
will stall.  The engine drops back to idle and is virtually unresponsive to 
the throttle.  If I let it sit and idle for 2 to 3 minutes, it runs fine 
again and will not stall again unless it is allowed to sit for a couple of 
hours.  This seems to be a temperature related problem.  I have access to a 
parts car with all the sensors and computers, but I  would like to have some 
idea where to start.  I have already tried changing computers, but that is 
not the problem.  Secondly,  I have a problem with the antilock  disable 
system.   The "antilock off" light on the dash switch  stays on and doesn't 
respond to pushing on the switch.  Changed the switch, but the light stays 
on.  Any suggestions?