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Re: 5kTQ swaybar upgrade?

In a message dated 9/28/99 12:11:58 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 
jfawcett@mail.win.org writes:

<< Hey everyone.  I am looking for an upgrade for the swaybar on my 86 5kTQ.
 I couldn't find anything in the archives, and can't find ANYWHERE that
 sells one.  Does anyone out there know of a thicker replacement.  Or is
 there by chance one from another make/model that is close enough to make
 fit?  I have lowered springs, and Koni Reds, but the body roll is still
 outrageous.  Maybe if there is enough interest, we can see if someone will
 make a batch up for the list.  Anyway, let me know.  Thanks.

    IMO, the front sway bar is only going to do so much without a rear one.  
You could really stiffen up the front s/b, but you are only going to diminish 
the advantages of your independent front suspension as the thicker sway bar 
will make one side of the suspension react more to the movements of the 
other.  I think a solution may be a rear a/r bar.  In my GT, I upgraded the 
front bar to a 4kq bar for a slight improvement.  The move that essentially 
eliminated roll was the addition of a custom bar for the rear.  Any roll in 
the rear has a lot of leverage on the chassis, and to try to control the rear 
rolling by increasing the front stiffness is going to be very marginal.  A 
custom rear bar will not only maintain the compliance built into your 
independent suspension, but also reduce the total amount of roll 
significantly.  I would try the same sized front bar in the rear also, then 
you could swap out different bars or make adjustable end links to fine tune 
it the way you like.
Javad Shadzi