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Re: FS: 1.8T 20v Motor

In a message dated 9/28/99 5:59:08 PM Eastern Daylight Time, Sonar465@aol.com 

>    Very interesting.  I believe in last months C&D there was a little blurb 
>  about TT's coming from Hungary which where being vandalized and having 
>  including engines stolen from them.  Could this be one of those engines?

Should be able to tell by checking the throttlebody assembly. The version 
used in the Passat/A4 have the "conventional" cable throttle. Also check into 
the shipping costs and documentation coming with the motor, especially if 
you're rebuilding a car for a DMV salvage inspection. They'll want to see 
paperwork indicating the motor was purchased from a legally-dismantled 
vehicle. Plus the whole shebang would have to come in below the 3500$ that 
conversion packages are going for these days.

Chris Semple
'coupla q's