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Dave wrote:
the sport did not race with the torsen.  the car was a
pig.  everyone hated it.
 walter rohrl included.  it's big problem was that it
didn't turn, and
understeered like a pig.  it most likely had a central
locker :-)))).  that was
what was homologated.

just to make that doubly clear: the sport was
homologated with a central
locker, and the drivers hated it because it
understeered like a pig.  

The torsen equipped quattros I did not like as much in
racing. They are not as predicatble on loose surface
as is open diffs. I have always preferred open diffs
such like the first generation quattro, the attitude
does not change. 
Getting stagger on the chassis of the 5000 is not
likely a problem with the quattro drivetrain, but most
likely chassis weakness exemplified at the limits. A
broken weld or bad bushings will give the frame a
bounce when 10/10.
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