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RE: Need a new bomb (91 Coupe)

I am using one and it is working very well, see below,
Take care,

Here it is:
I have been recharging them for about 6 mounths now. Have sold about 6
to date with no problems so far. I made an offer to list members that I
would recharge them for $50 if their bomb was good and I could use it as
a core.

If your bomb has a couple of pumps it is most likely good, it has just
lost its pressure.

Some info on Long term experience:
I do not have any long term experience on how long they will last.  The
general consensus is that the nitrogen gas migrates through the rubber
bladder over time.  Nothing is wrong with the bomb it just looses
pressure. So I believe the recharged units should last as long as a new
one as long as something unforeseen doesn't go wrong.  I know the
bladder is good when I recharge them as they will not hold the charge if
the bladder is no good.  Yes I would think if they are good initially
they would last for the long term (see below).

One other variable that I cannot check is the check valve. There is an
internal check valve that is a simple ball bearing that seats in an
orifice  (I "hack sawed" the original bomb in my car apart to see how
the check valve works).  I have not been able to come up with a good way
to check this.  The check valve holds the system pressure when the
engine is off. If it is bad the bomb will still function but will bleed
down over time.  This is such a simple device I think the failures would
be rare.  One cause of faulty check valves is dirty and contaminated
hydraulic fluid.  If dirt or contaminates get under the ball it will not
seat properly.

So I suppose there is some risk with my recharge.  I am going to stand
behind my work with a guarantee - if the bomb is doesn't last (I suppose
I will go 6 months), or by some long shot the check valve is bad, I will
reimburse the $ or ship you another unit (I can even cover the shipping
as long as you are not using dirty fluid).

Here is a copy of what I originally posted to the list:

Here is the deal:
If you can afford for your car to be down for a few days send me your
bomb and if it is good I will recharge it for $50 plus shipping. If your
bomb checks bad I can send you a recharged used unit for $100 plus

If you cannot afford for your car to be down send me a check for $100, I
will send you a good bomb. If your bomb checks out good I will send you
back $50, minus shipping.

The used cores are going to cost me $50ea thus the $50 "core charge".

What I will do:
1)Inspect and test bomb for good condition.
2)Install high pressure fitting (rated for 6500psi working pressure).
3)Recharge with 1000-1100psi nitrogen.
4)Monitor for 24-48 hours for pressure leakage.

If you can fill out the answer to these questions also it will help me
determine if your bomb is good.  "Pumps" means when you gently pump the
brake pedal count the number of strokes it takes when you loose the
"power assist".

1) As soon as engine is turned off how many pumps are there?__________

2) If #1 is greater than 0, then after the engine has been off about 10
minutes how many pumps are there?_________

3) If #2 is greater than 0, then after the engine has been off overnight
how many pumps are there?_________

4) Is the brake warning light coming on?______________

5) If #4 is yes is it on right away after starting or after driving

6) What type of hydraulic fluid do you use - Pentosin green cap, red cap
(synthetic), or other?____________

7) Is the fluid nice and clean or is it dirty?______________

E-mail me directly or call
Russ Southerlin
8894 S. Brentwood St.
Littleton, CO 80128

(303)932-1763 (home)

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        I want a new bomb for my girlfriend's 91 Coupe.  What should I
expect to
pay?  Anyone know of an inexpensive place to order it from?

Eric Gressler
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