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Re: Hellava light question

Hi Nate,

I have a set of Hella Rally 3000's on my 84 4ksq.  They really make the car
look interesting and do an excellent job of lighting up the road.  No need for
Eurolights here.  The only problem is that you CAN NOT use them with oncoming
traffic.  The 3000's are too bright.  I use them on roads when I'm the only
one and when I'm at pro/road rallies.  I'm not sure whether the 500's are
street legal or not.  If they are not street legal then go with the 3000's and
get some real light.  For an extra $10/bulb, you can get 130 watt
replacements.  I bought the my lights from Susquehanna Motorsports.  They
carry the entire Hella line and many other items for rally and car
enthusiasts.  Ken, the owner knows his stuff and even has two quattro's I
think.  His web site is http://catalog.com/susq/index.htm  I'm a very
satisfied customer.  Good luck with your purchase.

Adam Brodeur
84 4ksq
Nate Stuart wrote:

> Looking to purchace a set of Hella driving lamps and maybe some fogs. What
> model do you folks with the Hella all over your bumper (I know your out
> there) prefer. I've been looking at the 500 series. Are these decent. What
> is a good price, and where.
> I need some real light until I get to my custom headlights...someday.
> I don't need harnesses or relays, already got all that together...
> TIA!
> -Nate
> Blind '87 5kcstq