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Saying goodbye to my 200 20valve tq

A very good friend of ours found out we were selling our 1991 200 Turbo
Quattro 20 valve sedan, and was the first to say "I will buy it".  With six
cars, I felt that I did not need this car, although I really loved a lot
about it.  The stick shift was getting to be a pain in the ass in our
Tacoma, Washington traffic and I needed a car with an automatic.

Well my friend came over tonight, gave us the amount we wanted, and drove
off in the car.  Damn!  This is going to be tough, because I realized that I
am really going to miss this rare and wonderful car.  I know that his wife
and kids will be safe and comfortable driving around here and I am happy for
them.  They will probably never appreciate what a great car they have.

I think the bad part will be seeing the car several times a week, as well as
helping keep the car up.  I may ever get a chance to drive it on occasion,
so I can check the boost.   What a bitter sweet pill that will be as I then
get back in my Acura Legend (yawn) and drive home.

Sorry about the waste of bandwidth here, but I had to wallow and moan to a
group that understands.  Audis can be frustrating, but what great rides!

Dave Puterbaugh
Audiless for now, but checking out the 225hp TT Quattro roadster.