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Re: Tires (was the new A6)

Hairy green toads from Mars made DOUBLDz@aol.com say:

> I've got a question about tire pressure. My tires say 40 lbs max (I think 
> 40...maybe 44, does that sound right?) So what should the pressure actually 
> be? As close to 40 lbs as I can make them?


That is actually the MAX LOAD pressure, not the max pressure.
The answer is it depends on the tire and what you want for handling.
I run BFG Touring T/A (H rated), and keep them at about 38 front
36 rear on my A6QW. Seems to do a pretty nice job, although my
shocks are beat making it seem softer.

Some tires are VERY dependant on pressure (the D60 A2 comes to mind).
So your best bet is to try different pressures and see what you like.


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