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RE: Monkey lad alert!!!!


Mike's dead right, I get sick of hearing that these morons are still out there, the list's a great place to learn how to do stuff yourself. Get some decent tools and  get on the diy road, it really is satisfying to do this kind of stuff yourself.


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Subject:	Monkey lad alert!!!!

>Date: Tue, 28 Sep 1999 23:03:18 -0700
>From: "Pat Martin" <mardkins@email.msn.com>
>Subject: Re: Broken Axle on 87 Audi 4000CS
>> Bear in mind I know absolutely nothing about cars, so this is the
>> I got from my mechanic..

Don't feel bad about knowing nothing about cars. That's not your job. Feel
bad about your "mechanic" evidently knowing nothing about cars . . . 

.the shaft snapped at the inner(?) joint. When the
>> car is on the lift and the axle removed, the transmission works.
>If it works on the lift and not on the ground that tells me the differential
>is bad.
> They put
>> another axle on the car, as the first one installed broke when they were
>> going to test drive the car. They told me the first axle installed must
>> been bad.

Gee, if the first axle was bad, it should have been replaced FREE under

Differential bad? Nonsense. If the diff was absolutely solidly locked up
tight, all that would happen is you'd scrub the tires, and LONG before you
"snapped" a drive shaft. Your mechanic is an idiot. 

 I brought my car home but was told not to drive it anywhere
>> it needs new calipers (whatever that is). I am now looking at $500 more in
>> repairs, if calipers can be found.

Someone needs to tell your mechanic that calipers can be easily, safely,
quickly and economically be rebuilt.

Or maybe they don't need to tell him - I'd be VERY nervous riding around in
a car with brakes rebuilt by him!

>So I am trying to understand this.  Did you drive the car home?  Are they
>claiming that the brakes are sticking and causing the driveshaft to break.
>> Do you think this sounds reasonable or am I being taken for a ride (so to
>> speak)?
>Climb on because they are giving you a huge ride.

Before you spend ANY more money with this moron, rescue your car and get it
out of there. It is clearly obvious that he has no idea whatsoever about
fixing cars other than throwing YOUR money at it, and keeping as much as he

>Where are you at?

Where you are at:

Your car is at the WRONG place.

You are in the correct place in cyberspace.

Your head will be somewhat messed with as long as your car remains in the
wrong place.

Recovery plan: Stop getting in deeper with this monkey lad; get your car
out of there, don't give him any more money, and don't listen to his wild
guesses as to what is or isn't wrong with your car.

Make a list of EVERYTHING he's touched - it is very likely that anything
he's touched is wrong, and will have to be redone correctly.

Find a repair shop that has at least SEEN an Audi, hopefully at least once.
Get a couple of references on them before you let them touch your car.

Get any estimates IN WRITING, and check them here, with the list.

The amazing thing is that your car IS NOT that difficult to work on or even
particularly exotic - ANY reasonably competent mechanic should be able to
fix your car. Audi experience is a plus, but in this case, not crucial!

Best Regards,

Mike Arman