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A/C compressor seal leak

My 86 4kq has a York compressor and the A/C Technician sez it's front seal
is leaking R-12 at a rate of 1/2 pound per month. He called this a very
small leak and suggested just recharging several times each summer. He said
the rest of the system was in first class condition and everything worked
fine. That would cost about $200 per summer for R-12 recharging.

When pressed harder, he gave me a list of items that needed replacement to
return the system to like-new condition. Total cost including labor was
$680. He didn't give me any other alternatives. Parts were:Rebuilt
York...185,  Clutch......165,   Drier.50,    Fittings.....25,
Expansion valve..60,    Labor.....100,    Vent and Recharge...95 (R-12)

I'd like to find a way to slow down the compressor seal leak, and convert
to R-134 to keep the recharging cost down for the next few years. I can
afford to recharge with R-134 every year, or even twice a year.And the car
will probably only be around two or three more years.

I have read all the posts from the last year on R-134 conversions, most of
which dealt with Nippondenso and Zexcel compressors.  I ended up wondering
if I could change the seals on my own old York compressor and just replace
the drier/receiver and some fittings. But no one talks about York compressors.

Or, better yet, I'd just like to add a stop-leak product (as yet un-named)
and replace the drier/receiver and the fittings and have the technician
purge the system and put in R-134 and its special oil. If I can avoid
pulling the compressor and working on it, that would be the best compromise
from my viewpoint.

So, I'm asking for ideas on how to stay cool next summer without replacing
all the A/C parts, 'cause the car doesn't need to last another 13 years.

Doyt Echelberger
86 4kq