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Re: [Tires (was the new A6)]

DOUBLDz@aol.com wrote:
>I've got a question about tire pressure. My tires say 40 lbs max (I >think
40...maybe 44, does that sound right?) So what should the pressure >actually
be? As close to 40 lbs as I can make them?

IMHO, that's too high for street driving. I'd recommend that type of pressure
for track events, but not for everyday use.

I generally put in 32 or 33 lbs. Not too hard, and not too soft, especially
given the condition of some of the roads up here in New England.

I'd recommend trying different pressures.. until you feel comfortable with
one. Once you find one that you like, stick with it. It's all a matter of
preference... i.e to each his own.

Oh, and remember that tire pressure changes with ambient temperature. For
every 10 degree change (Fahrenheit), tire pressure changes by 1 psi. So...
keep that in mind, especially during the summer and winter months.

Of course, YMMV etc.

Just my $.02 worth.

Jim Griffin - qwattro@usa.net - JGriff@pobox.com - http://pobox.com/~jgriff

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