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A4 list (wuz RE: spiders?)

Yo, Jeff:

There is an A4 list (A4.org) and it contains several excellent and very 
newsy features, as well as some decent links and FAQs.  But the discussion 
groups are not nearly as interesting, informative or genuinely provocative 
(as opposed to Mine's Bigger Than Yours bullspit) than the good old q-list, 
which despite the occasional rant continues to amaze me with its depth. 
 The average age of A4 discussion group members would seem to be a tick or 
two above 16.  Sorry if you fit that demographic.  It was once 16 myself, 
but you have been warned.

Shaun Mullen
West Grove, PA

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i forget the site i found about the list on
please don't take offense but it someone cold tell me how i get off the 
and if there is a a4 list i would greatly appreciate it