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Re: Blue Headlights.

The Phillips website has a little write-up un the BlueVision system at the
following link
http://www.eur.lighting.philips.com/automotive/html/press5.htm. Seem to be
legal (in Europe) from what they say.

'92 100S  (84k)

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> At 11:07 99-09-29 -0400, Brett Dikeman wrote:
> >To be completely clear on this subject, these bulbs do NOTHING except
> >look stupid.  The only reason they are "brighter" is because the
> >wattage is higher.  However, the same wattage NORMAL bulb will pass
> >much more light.
> Hold on a second. We are not talking here about the cheap, no brand name,
> no country of manufacture, non-approved "xenon effect" bulbs. We are
> talking about Philips BlueVision bulbs, which:
> - are manufactured by Philips, which is a renowned and respected brand
> - have standard 55W/60W wattage
> - are approved for street use in Europe (E-code)
> - the look blueish to the eye, but are supposed to emit *white* light,
> like the real xenon lights.
> That's said, like I mentioned before, I have no personal experience with
> them, no affiliation, usual disclaimers, blah, blah, yadda, yadda, but I
> considering checking them out (though to do this my car has to come out of
> the body shop first :-( ). The fact that a number of manufacturers
> sell colored bulbs designed to do nothing more than mimic real xenons at
> the expense of light output and safety does not mean we have to bash every
> product with "blue" in the name.
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> Aleksander Mierzwa
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