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Re: Monkey lad alert!!!!

    I have to agree... while it would be nice to be able to do all the work
on my Audi myself, It quite often comes down to a matter of time.  I can
slowly get through allot of the basic mechanical work, but I just can't
afford to take that kind of time off work to play car.

    Now that said, I think it is important that you try to gain as much
knowledge about fixing your car as possible, if for no other reason than to
be able to defend yourself when one of the "Monkey Lad's" tries to fix your
car (and I use the term fix loosely).

    One of the Mechanics I know from the Race track was laughing one day
about some of his clients. Here are Doctors, Lawyers etc. who had been
working on their own cars to save a little money.... but by the time they
had taken a day or two off of work to get their car ready for the track,
they had lost enough in billing that would have more than paid for the work
on their cars....

    Just my 2 cents