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Bilstein Warranty Update

Hi Folks,
I told you I'd get ya'll an update.  Here's the scoop:

I talked to the Bilstein rep in San Diego.  He talked to his tech guys, and
they concluded that the correct shock for an American 1990 200 tq
application is BE5-2593.  I you had downloaded the PDF file from Bilsteins
German site (like I did, thanks again Peter), you'd notice that this shock
fits the +95 MY A6Q sedan/Avant.  OK, it isn't the Euro 200tq B46-2065, but
I believe the A6Q is heavier than the 1990 200tq, so the shock may be valved
at least as heavy as the Euro 200tq shock, and they are definitely heavier
than the 5000t non-Q I got in the car, which is a B46-0130.  And I was happy
with the performance I was getting from the wrong shocks to begin with, so I
have high hopes.

Bilstein has agreed to send me 2 of these shocks (which addresses Jeff G's
concern about one new, one old), holding a $189 deposit on the new shocks,
to be credited back 100% when they get receipt of the old shocks (1 good, 1
broken).  What a deal!!!

I have to say I'm extremely happy with the service with Bilstein so far.  I
will never buy $60 Boge's again, have them sag in a year or 2, then go buy
new ones.  For $50 more, you can get really nice shock that perform much
better, with a real honest to god lifetime warranty.  I'm a Bilstein
customer for life.

I'll post the results of the new shocks as soon as I get them for
dimensional data, and I'll also give a drive test report as well.

Thanks to All Q, S, and 200q20v listers for the wonderful support!!!!

Gary Lewis 
90 200tqw, Silver and Platinum, 1.8 Bar
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